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Ep: 063 - David Morris // Residential Design

Episode Summary

In this episode of Architecture, Design & Photography we sit down with David Morris, Director of Residential Design at Caleb Johnson Studio.

Episode Notes

David Duncan Morris is the Director of Design at an award-winning architecture firm in Portland, Maine. Starting from a young age David’s love for houses is what inspired him to pursue architecture and he was often seen drawing whenever he could. Outside his professional life, he picks up his paper, pencils and watercolors to feed his own creative drive and to keep his love of drawing alive. The intent of his drawings is not to perfectly render a building but to capture the spirit of the building in a loose and expressive manner. He prefers to draw on site, but if distance and weather prevents this he can draw from photographs. David lives with his partner Justin, and their dog in the beautiful coastal town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine. 

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